our Team

Joe Van Gelderen is the CEO of Totally Gluten Free Ltd. Without his expertise, his research and hard work, we never would have made it this far. Joe is the one everyone in our family business depends upon for all his support and business expertise. He is the 'brains' for our marketing and project management. Joe also is the one who makes some of the bread that flows out of our bakery daily, whether to those who walk in or to those who stock our products. He is always thinking of new products to make or bring in to keep the variety fresh and unique for the sake of our customers who usually do NOT have so many choices. Joe also is the head of our research and development department. Joe is on the road a lot as well delivering our orders all around Alberta. When he is in the store he looks after the customers and helps in SO many different areas.

Valerie is the busy mother of 9 children ranging in age from almost 10 yrs to 27 years, and 'Oma' to a 7 year old, 6 year old. and 1 new grandson born April 2018. 7 of the children have celiac disease. Through the years, much needed to be learned about baking gluten free food that was not only edible, but delicious and healthy for the children. She will be seen in the bakery a fair bit more now with 4 of the children attending day-school; and she loves every minute of it there. She is making the soups, and home-style meals, making the sourdough Bagels, stroopwaffles, and creating and making special occasion cakes and cupcakes.  Of course she will be ready to serve and great our guests who come to see us at our Bakery as well. 

Karin, our 3rd daughter, is an essential member to our team as she is quite knowledgeable about both celiac disease and the gluten free diet. Karin slices all the bread every day, and makes all the pies, pie shells, cheesecakes, panini’s, biscotti, and cookies. She is learning the ropes with paperwork and payroll, expenses, etc, and has become such a blessing and help to our business. She can manage the bakery in our absence, and it is wonderful to have our adult children join us in our family business.

Lianne is our eldest daughter, and juggles her full time work with the hospital looking after our seniors, with helping us with the piles of paperwork, payroll, government paperwork, and taking care of our retail customers that come through the door when she is here. She also will do some of the shopping and deliveries, and she basically steps up whenever we need her. Lianne stepped up when her dad became ill, and we could not have done it without her willingness to put her life "on hold" for a little bit.

Becky Makes all our treats that you see in the store everyday, and there are A LOT of them!!. She also makes most of our frozen pizzas and is a huge part of our shipping and receiving department. She will be leaving us in the spring of 2019 to be married and move to Calgary, and she will be sorely missed!

Kwamin is the newest member to our bakery 'family". He is an interesting person with many fascinating aspects to his personality and scope of working expertise. He comes with the expertise of a well seasoned chef, and we look forward to what he can add to our home-style meals division in the regard. Baking is a whole new venture for him, and gluten free baking is certainly a new adventure. He does our early morning baking of breads, buns, muffins, pizza crusts, cinnamon buns and our best seller; the pizza rolls! Joe is enjoying having another male in the workplace and together they help keep the humor alive. keeping the humor alive. 

Ashley is our 3rd youngest child, our youngest of the 5 girls. She is soon entering high school, and is our Saturday worker, and she also fills in on holidays and summer and Christmas break from school. When she is here she takes great care to look after customers with a smile and great interest. She also makes our wonderful Belgian waffles, and stocks up our pancake mixes, waffle mixes, and TGFB signature brand flour. She will be an integral part of our company as she grows and learns more and more of the business alongside her studies. She is a mature and responsible young lady, and again it is a blessing to have another one of our children come alongside us in our work.